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Recent content by diverreb

  1. diverreb

    CrystalSky Monitor Hood Unboxing!

    Totally unnecessary with the Ultra Bright..... For sun protection.... Screen protector.... Maybe.
  2. diverreb

    Antenna boosters

    With the monitor on the controller it seems that the extenders are naturally pointed straight out or even toward the ground..... If you point them up it puts the monitor in an unreadable position.....
  3. diverreb

    iPad Pro 9.7 in. or iPad mini 4.....7.9in?

    I do not use any external Apps on my Ultra Bright..... Never had any crash issues with the DJI Apps.... For me the screen brightness is amazing. Far and away the number one reason to spend the extra bucks. iPads are pretty much useless in bright sunlight.... Most hoods do not work well and...
  4. diverreb

    Crystalsky 5.5" Monitors In Stock

    If I understand your question correctly, you simply go to the Settings: WiFi and it's like any other device. It will list available WiFi's and you just need to know the password for which ever one you want to use. I have the Ultra Bright.... I have to be fairly close to my Router for it to...
  5. diverreb

    Crystal Sky Ultra Bright Arrived!

    Try This.... Recommended by a friend.... Haven't put mine on yet. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014CHG8AC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. diverreb

    Crystal Sky Ultra Bright Arrived!

    Thanks to Florida Drone Supply for their excellent service.... They hooked me up with an Ultra Bright, Standard Mount, extra Battery and a MavMount for my Mavic. MavMount is great product, BTW. Very well made and holds the Monitor in place and can be used upside down or covering the...
  7. diverreb

    Crystal Sky Ultra Bright

    Anyone have any theories as to why the absurdly long delay from Intros in May with availability quoted as a few weeks back then to a total silence as to actual availability today. Not a word from DJI as to any issues causing delays nor any real availability dates. Production issues? Design...
  8. diverreb

    Crystalsky 5.5" Monitors In Stock

    Latest guesstimate from DJI is September or October at this point. Can't understand why the delay on these, after announcing May Deliveries at the release. I am waiting until they are out and are reviewed side by side with the 1,000 nit unit before I make my decision. Read enough to know that...
  9. diverreb

    Check out the New Ipad Pro 10.5

    The new iPads are rated at 600 nits.... Minimum recommendation for outdoor use is 700 nits. The high end Crystal Sky should blow the iPads away, for outdoor use. While not linear, 2,000 nits should do the trick.
  10. diverreb

    Zenmuse Z3 does it work on Inspire 1 V1?

    Any logical reason that the Z3 is only available through DJI's store with their prime dealers having no information as to when they will be available through them? Possible redesign of some sort before general release? You would think DJI would be forthcoming to their dealers with some sort of...
  11. diverreb

    Zenmuse Z3 does it work on Inspire 1 V1?

    Is it within the return period from the dealer? DJI is not very forthcoming with information about these types of issues. Your issues could very well be addressed with a firmware update or it might be a design issue. It is unfortunate.... But that is what it is. Price of being an early...
  12. diverreb

    Zenmuse Z3 does it work on Inspire 1 V1?

    If yours is working fine I wouldn't worry about it..... I have friends who don't have any problems with theirs....
  13. diverreb

    Zenmuse Z3 does it work on Inspire 1 V1?

    Mine just went back.... Tilted to one side and wouldn't initialize without manually rolling the camera by hand. Then it would initialize. They are sending a new one when they become available again. No one, including DJI, knows when that is.... I suspect they may be trying to correct some of...
  14. diverreb

    Which sunshade is best for iPad air2 and mini3?

    If you know someone with a 3 D Printer what you are looking for can be designed.... I just got a nice part for my iPad Pro that is very solid and works with the existing bracket. It would just have to be printed to accommodate whatever case/iPad you are using.... i Pad PRO Mount Adapter -...
  15. diverreb

    Dead TB48 Battery

    Just had a 48 that has less than 10 recharges on it, but is out of warranty, not taking a charge. Tried the easy stuff to no avail. Removed the top and unplugged. Got it to charge fully. Put it in the Inspire and got a battery warning..... Damaged Cell! I assume the battery is now an...