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Recent content by Eric

  1. Eric

    XOAR props

    I’ve flown them for over a year without one issue. Almost a requirement for the 45mm and smooth video. Stock props were to hit and miss for me ... balance issues.
  2. Eric

    Broken x5R gimbal arm. Ugh!

    $1-150 ish. Unfortunately they’re seem to charge at random.
  3. Eric

    Buzzing, landing gear, camera no pic

    Flight control. Any luck?
  4. Eric

    New member - used Inspire -Houston TX

  5. Eric

    Best backup drone for I2

    +1 here for I2 as backup. Yes the wind advisory is set way too conservatively. I still take note and monitor my speeds to better guesstimate directions and relevance to the mission. I'd never get things done if I landed every wind warning.
  6. Eric

    I2 Go 4 App apparently destroyed an iPad Air after FW upgrade

    I believe it fried it. Without trying to sound like a conspiracy theorists, I believe it's on purpose! Time to get a crystal sky. On a related note; I noticed switching to GS pro and using its camera feed on it, There was no longer any video lag and the struggling iPad mini 3 was working great...
  7. Eric

    Have I been conned?!

    I believe after the V2 was released and all original V1's were sold if you/they bought a standard i1 it came with the improved V2 motors. I'm sure the S/N or someone else can chime in on how to tell. I'm not sure, so I won't speculate further. I do know the V1 upgraded to X5 does feel under...
  8. Eric

    Have I been conned?!

    The V1 motors are a little less efficient and you will loose some flight time. V2 motors are better prepared for the added weight of X5/X5R.
  9. Eric

    Watch out hand catching an inspire....

    For continuous air to ground shots these are the way to go. That said I feel safer catching the GPS hump. Great build quality, I highly recommend these.
  10. Eric

    Have I been conned?!

    In order. I1 (V1) came with the X3, then came the i1 v2, i1 (v2) pro X5 shortly after X5R. You can take either a v1 or v2 and upgrade from X3 to X5,X5R.
  11. Eric

    Watch out hand catching an inspire....

    QUOTE="VisualPoets, post: 158656, member: 24263"]I have done the same as @Eric but one must be very careful. Started doing when landing surfaces were just too difficult to land. I lower craft to a couple feet, landing gears down and grab over the top onto GPS dome, then cut power with left...
  12. Eric

    Watch out hand catching an inspire....

    I almost exclusively hand catch my inspires. I select GPS and make sure it's "locked" in and bring to about 2 feet agl with landing gear down. Reach over and grab the hump, hold down left stick with my other hand till she shuts off. Started doing that on a horror movie set in Dec 2015 due to the...
  13. Eric

    Who here has a perfectly operating Inspire 2 after the latest updates ?

    Apparently yes and also apparently don't do it.
  14. Eric

    Compatible micro four thirds lenses for Inspire 2

    Yes Balancing only Yes
  15. Eric

    My inspire experience - so far

    Forgive me if you know your camera settings/photo/video but try a higher aperture and don't forget to do a lens calibration. Pull focus on objects at least 50M away as the Go app will tell you during the calibration mode. I don't own any other camera that requires a lens calibration but the X5...