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Drone used to smuggle package into prison UK

Won't help banning it to be honest. Criminals can easily buy the parts needed and build from scratch, like many of us already do \ have done.

That being said. Criminals will use these kinds of RC aircraft to do their things, not much we can do about it sadly.

I wouldn't mind some kind of licence to fly them. Its bad for our rep, thats a fact. :(
This has happened a few times in the past actually. I am surprised they said they have never heard of another incident like this since there are two very common stories on the internet about it happening around here. Every time it has happened they have caught the stuff but never the pilots. It is pretty tough to get something like that to go in silently. I do not want to teach these guys how to be criminals but they should be dropping it from very high on a windless day and just hope it hits its target. Easier than getting a loud "Drone" past security.
What about a really long mono-filiment line underneith with the contraband cigs or what ever hanging below like 100 feet at the predeterimined time. An extra 40 days wouldn't be that bad for the really funny world media attention. Depends on how long you are in for.
Millions of people smuggle drugs into prisons on a daily basis, don't hear about that so much do we?

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