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Dual transmitter or single transmitter set up for the Inspire ???

Jul 16, 2013
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Cambridgeshire , uk
Dual transmitter or single transmitter set up for the Inspire ???
Going out o get new inspire but confused wether to choose single or dual transmitter set
Was going to get the dual set up but with latest app update with being able to have full gimball control is it worth going for dual set up for the expensive cost of having 2 controllers or would single set up be fine need to make right choice as cheaper to get dual setup at start rather than later
Pros & cons please & what would you chose from???
Ok the pluses. The ability to have a camera operator, if you have never had one you are missing out. A single operator will never out perform a dual operator set up. With the dual Tx setup, you will have the ability to output to a HDMI source other that the Pilot Tx. All that being said you can do a credible, read that marketable, job with a single operator set up. I have a dual Tx set up, but was a single operator before. I had the opportunity to have a camera operator and a DP. I was just the pilot. The video was better than I would have been able to achieve alone. You have too many things to watch when you are piloting. Especially with the camera controls with the Inspire. Changing exposure, shutter, and other parameters on the fly are a challenge. One of the great shots we did was a flyover at high speed with a lift off at the end. For me it was ok, but for the camera operator it held promise. We did that shot several times to get it perfect. It made the final cut. I would have not noticed the uniqueness of the shot without him. It is not a necessity but for the price it is not a luxury as well even if you only use it occasionally.
If you limit yourself to photography and rudimentary video, one controller will be fine. It is difficult to convey the importance of a skilled camera operator if you are interested in quality video, however. A two person team with two controllers gives at least the possibility of quality production.

As DJI releases waypoint (groundstation) and POI capabilities, one controller videos have the potential for improvement, but will never reach the flexibility and control of dedicated pilot and camera operator controllers.

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