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Ever so slight sandy effect in video

Jul 3, 2014
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Hi guys,

Been using auto settings on the camera, filming on 1080p60 just to get the smoother transition when flying faster, the auto settings seem to be doing their thing well however have noticed in a few videos especially on darker objects a sandy, grainy look. I don't know the technical term...

Just wondering if there's any simple way to rectify this?

I'm a bit hesitant to go from auto as im pretty (scrub that - dam well) clueless when it comes to manual camera/video settings.
Your best bet is to try using manual camera settings. It's really not that complex at least with the limited settings on the I1 camera. Best way to figure it out is to just play around until you find the desired camera exposure and look for the current lighting you are dealing with.
There will always be a bit of noise, it's just that camera's characteristics.
Considering how good the video looks with the auto settings on this camera, I've been (and will continue) encouraging those with no photography experience to use the auto settings. There are simply too many variables to take into account when attempting to get a nice image--still or motion.

Your best bet is to buy an 18% gray card. Set the Inspire so the sun is at its back. Place the 18% gray card in front of the camera (close), in direct sun light and allow the camera time to get a reading (may take a couple seconds at most). Then lock that exposure in so it doesn't adjust while moving from light to dark subjects. If the sky is overcast, attempt to determine where the sun would be if it were out and shining, as overcast came vary from light (with faint shadows) to heavy (with no shadows). Using the gray card will also help adjust the white balance, because on overcast days it will tend to be bluish.

This will yield the most consist images over the course of time and varying subjects.

EDIT: For those looking for help with basic photographic skills, I recommend you visit this site:
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