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Firmware Update Goes On and On and On and.....

Feb 22, 2015
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Hi there, I have transferred the .bin file into the root directory of the microSD and started the update in the aircraft.....I get the D...DD sound and blinking LED but it has been going 45 minutes now. Can this be normal or has it failed? Has anyone got a way of solving this?

Power down your I1. Remove the SD card and insert it into an SD card reader and check the .txt file for "result: success "
If it says failed, format the SD card, drop the .bin file back into the SD card and update your I1 again.
(Use the SD card that came with the I1)
Once your I1 has successfully updated. Format the SD card and drop the .bin file into it again and update your remote as per Dji's firmware update instructions.
I was able to complete the update. I know many of us have had issues. Here is what I will say. While it worked, the user experience is terrible. During the first step, updating the main unit, I waited about 40 minutes while it seemingly continued to chirp away. The pilot app stopped showing the progress indicator 5 minutes in. Even then, it only said 0% until it quit. Periodically the controller would beep but I couldn't figure out why. I finally just turned off the unit (very scary during an update) and plugged the card into my computer to see that it had succeeded. Updating the controller was better. Still, the update seems to be lacking a user interface. I'm sure they will improve this process.

So, as I read the complaints, I can understand them.


The remote beeps due to no avtivity. Once the aircraft begins to update the aircraft disconnects from the remote, and the remote led changes to red. It's like switching on the remote without the aircraft. As soon as you touch something on the remote it stops beeping.
I had a similar problem. My Inspire beeped for over an hour, while the Pilot App told me nothing.

I turned the remote off, restarted the Pilot App, and turned the remote back on. When the remote reconnected to the Inspire, it declared the update complete, said the Inspire would restart, counted down from 10 (or 5) to 0, then the Inspire restarted.

So I think that after the Inspire is done updating, it waits for the app to tell it that the user has been informed. If the remote and app aren't communicating with the Inspire, I think it will beep forever.
I fought with the update for about an hour. Confusing cause i have a slave remote. It wouldn't update until i relinked the master to the bird. All seems back to normal but what a PITA!!
Do i need to do anything to update the four batteries i have? Says it updates the battery but doesnt say how to do multiple batteries.

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