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Fpv mod - tapping into power

I've just bought a DJI O3 FPV unit to attach to my Inspire 1, so I will update once I figure out how to power it. The instructions indicate 7.4-26.4V on the power feed. Given I just want the FPV feed and nothing else, I won't bother connecting the control & signal feeds. I would assume that the integrated CPU handles communication directly with the antenna and remote FPV goggles, without need to communicate with any drone flight systems.

If anyone else has already tried this, input would be appreciated before I start disconnecting cables in my I1. Thanks.
Hi !

I have the same question :
till now, I find to ways :
- a 6s battery with xt30 or xt60 plug attached on the arm of the inspire
- a connector on the battery motherboard, (the way I will try), infos here :

if anyone has already done it, I would like to have informations too !

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