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Frequent signal loss, disconnection cycle

Aug 26, 2013
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On many of the flights I've had recently I keep getting signal loss, disconnection and then return to normal. After a couple seconds of connection it goes through this cycle again, and won't stop until I unplug the iPad or sometimes I have to bring it back in. The little popup box saying 'Do you want to trust this computer' comes up each time as well...
Anyone else encountered this issue? Sometimes it doesn't happen, sometimes it will happen right away and sometimes ten or so minutes into a flight. It's super random...
FYI I am on iPad air 2, latest version of app, last version of Inspire firmware before the current one.
The iOS app also occasionally crashes (had one 2 days ago with iPhone rebooting in flight)... but when it works it's what works best, so... :(
Hm. Maybe i'll blow some compressed air through the connections, it started happening after a shoot out in the country where the remote was exposed to a bit of dirt. It acts like it's just being unplugged and plugged back in over and over.
Hi, Thanks I will try that, mine is not a genuine lighting cable I got a 30cm short one from Germany.
I cannot find a short genuine cable! anyone know where to get one???
Yes it is a genuine cable. I have a brand new one kickin around so maybe I'll try replacing it

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