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Getting charged. Stay tuned.

Mar 17, 2015
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Right Above You
Okay I've been working with a power supply manufacture and I should be getting unit that can dish out (3) 26V, 7-10 amp.

If this sound like Chinese to you, well you are half right.

With this we can charge our TB48 similar to the 180w charger DJI offers. From past thread on the DJI Forum there have been lots of discussion about DYI multi-battery chargers. The issue people faced are the methods, configurations, and viability of running a power supply versus the standard DJI charges.

Well we'll see as the custom unit will arrive with in a week or so and I'll keep y'all informed of my finding as I hope this can and will out do the rapid chargers.

If this all works out efficiently, those that are interested should expect to be able to charge 3 batteries at a decent price.
What method is used to control the current separately for each battery and ensure one doesn't discharge into the others?
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Good question.

I am thinking of adding switches for each terminal so if one battery is fully charge then you can switch that terminal off without affecting the other terminals.

So basically each terminal runs independent of each other.
That's not enough. Each charge circuit should be separately current-regulated and prevent reverse flow.
Basically you need a separate constant voltage/constant current regulator for each output.
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