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gimbal horizontal drift on latest firmware

Mar 20, 2014
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I notice a gimbal drift (the gimbal slowly rotates) on the latest firmware. Anyone else have this issue? Sometimes it is very noticeable, as if you are intentionally rotating at the lowest speed. Othertime is holds steady. IMU is bang on and compass 1500. Did the gimal calibration is there a parameter to adjust rotation stability like there is for horizon alignment?
I have it happened to me, on the ground (actually on a table indoors). The gimbal starts to drift horizontally (pan).
This happened to both of my inspires right after the upgrade, before I calibrated the compass.
After calibration there was no more camera drift that I have been able to detect.

Maybe try re-calibrating the compass...
I had the same problem today. I noticed it in the air, then saw it on the ground after.
Tryed everything, from IMU calibration on perfectly leveled surface, gimbal calibration, resetted all settings, compass calibration, etc, the only time it don't drift is after IMU calibration and it only lasts until reboot, or gimbal calibration.

Any solution ? I need to do some average long exposure in low light, it's impossible with that kind of drift...

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