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Litchi "Black Box" mode.

Sep 18, 2016
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Hi all, here's one for you Litchi users.

Autopilot has a mode called Black Box. Essentially it just lets you free-fly and records the flight...just like Go really.

Question...does Litchi have a similar mode and if so what is it called?

Thanks in advance.
record your flight
Yes, as long in your settings the camera is set to auto record ON
rerun the same thing later?
No, here you must use some of the other modes (i.e. waypoints, orbit)
Create the required flightpath either on site in the Lichi app, or via Litchi Hub on your PC/Mac at home, download your mission to the aircraft.
After you have created your flightpath/mission you can re-run the mission as often as you like.
I don't know Autopilot so I am unsure what its "Black Box" mode does. The name infers it is a flight data recorder.

The drone records data. So does Litchi.

However if you mean that you want to do some maneuver using your sticks and have Litchi record that movement as a flight plan, then, no it doesn't. Lets say you fly through a tire swing in a tree and then around the back side and back to the start position. Then you want to press a button and have Litchi do that over again automatically? No. Doesn't do that. Would be cool, but no.

You can, during flight, stop and set waypoints at the aircraft's position and altitude and then run that as a mission. That you can do. But its more of a fly somewhere, hit a button to mark the point. Fly somewhere else, mark, somewhere else, mark, etc. Then you have a waypoint mission you can fly or edit.

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