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Lost a propeller and crashed

Aug 24, 2015
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Spain - Donostia - San Sebastián
Today my i-one, in flight has lost a propeller and crashed.

¡¡¡¡ Fantastic design for properllers, not works well and lost on flight . ¡¡¡

i have my i-one full lost, camera, batery, frame, arms.. internal mechanical parts, and work not finished.

not worth repairing ..

propellers, they fly alone ..

Today is bad day for me...

my i-one is dead... only from 10 meters..

Sorry to hear about the bad news :(

I'm curious. What kind of props were you using? And, about how many prior flights did you have using them?
original properlles and the last system for attach
flight correctly over 10 o more flights.
Original quick release or original threaded? If the later as asked above, were the prop locks securely fitted?
much more assured with classic screw
A bad invention. DJI risk to the owner, by an inefficient system
I'll never be safe with this system,

Best regards.

So, please clarify, what props were you using that failed?
Quick release or threaded (with prop lock)?
So, please clarify, what props were you using that failed?
Quick release or threaded (with prop lock)?


i use the this, original include on my versión of i-one.

only have a few weeks..
That is exactly what happened too mine ! Same props (new version) and it's the same left rear that flew off mine at 20 meters ..

I had to bite the bullet and pay for parts etc for a repair by my dealer ,as it couldn't be proved it was a faulty or my fault .which it wasn't as I checked them twice before take off !
Same damage and broke a arm .

After repair flys fine but still always paranoid of it happening again .
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I have heard about these incidents on several occasions, is it always with the quick release props it happens or does it happen with the threaded ones as well?

I haven't heard of it on the Phantom, mostly on the Inspire 1.

So is it safer to stay with the threaded ones and the prop locks on?
Okay, but with the prop locks attached to the threaded props it should be safe?

Has anybody have a prop come loose with the threaded props and the prop locks attached, or heard of it happen?
I am very sorry for your loss, I have been following your thread on DJI forum and here.. This is why I use the ALLOY QUICK RELEASE HUBS that DJI dose not support, I asked you in the other DJI forum for a close up picture of the Hub that the prop came off. can you post it please
sorry again,
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Sorry for your loss but hopefully you can get back flying soon. I use the alloy hubs and QR props. Before every flight I visually check the inside of the props for signs of wear. The plastic ridges that keep the props in place don't look particularly strong. (Hopefully someone will make QR props with metal ridges as an extra redundancy). I also check a few times before take off that the props are secure. It helps to have an obsessive compulsive disorder as an Inspire pilot. I would be really keen to see the state of the ridges inside the prop that fell off and whether the plastic DJI hub was still intact. Even if this was the case I believe it is possible to attach a prop, feel that it is locked in place but the mechanism is not fully secure. If this happens the prop may fly off shortly into a flight as you have described.
the nearest propeller was lost, seemed to be safer as usual

This i-one is unsure, i flighting to 6 different drones .. I never thought to leave a propeller ..
It is my fourth year in this adventure drones.

I'm not a rookie.

more than 150 hours on flight.

crazy engineers to design without threaded screw

You have indicated you lost a prop and crashed. I and many others are keen to see why you lost the prop. There are many prop/hub options used by Inspire Pilots and much of this is based on assumption and apparent logic, without true engineering or science supporting our decisions. There are DJI plastic prop hubs, several alloy/metal hubs supplied by non-DJI manufacturers that DJI say we shouldn't use, DJI supplied QR and threaded props (with and without prop locks), and presumably other props supplied by non-DJI manufacturers that may be plastic, carbon fibre etc.

As I see it there are 4 possibilities for your prop loss.
1. the prop was not securely attached and came off with no visible defect of the hub, spring mechanism or prop ridge (see image below for picture of what I call the prop ridge).
2. the hub and/or spring mechanism broke, or was faulty and lost a non-defective prop.
3. the prop or prop ridge was defective and came off from a non-defective hub/spring mechanism
4. the mounting plate, onto which the hub is secured by 2 screws, separated from the motor and came off with the prop still attached (most unlikely) .

Can you please select which of these options you believe occurred or explain why you think it was the cause.

Many thanksprop.jpg

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