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Max Payload Info

Mar 20, 2014
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Boston, MA
Ran some numbers and came up with the following in terms of what a reasonable max payload might be for the Inspire.

1. The recommended takeoff weight for the i1's E800 motors is 800g/motor.

2. With gimbal and TB48 there are about 300g left to recommended takeoff weight.

3. Note the MAX thrust per motor is much higher at 2100g/motor, or 8400g total.

4. Max thrust minus recommended takeoff weight of aircraft, batteries and some modest accessories of about 3200g, then, is 5200g theoretical Max payload takeoff weight, or about 11lbs. But of course if you don't want to burn the motors out and/or have 5 min flight times you'd best stick as close to the recommended takeoff weight as possible.

5. I'd venture 2000g is about the realistic Max payload you'd want to consider or about 4.5lb. Half that for decent flight times and aerodynamics to about 1000-1500g or 2.2-3.3 lb I think are realistic Max payloads.

Another fellow flier has done tests with a life vest weighing just over 3 lbs and confirmed it is workable.
Look this video for payload, and what do you think about new gimbal for inspire 1 mount camera Samsung nx500? Will be fantastic.....

I performed a payload test on the Inspire 1 today to determine the impact on flight time.

Adding about 1kg reduces the theoretical flight time of a 4500mA battery from 17 minutes down to 11 minutes. I calculated the normal discharge rate at 4.5mA/s and the discharge rate with a 1kg payload at 7mA/s. I arrived at these values by taking off, holding an altitude of about 10 feet, then landing after 3 minutes.

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