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Pilot app blue ring?

Feb 20, 2015
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image.jpg when I bring up the map function on satellite view I get a blue hi lighted ring around the blue dot for my location.

I also noticed my blue dot will pulse at times and the halo will grow and shrink.

Can someone please educate me!
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i dont have the big circle but do have the dot which is the transmitter as far as i know... don't know what the big ring is though...
I have had the blue ring also. at first I thought it was a ring showing my flight distance setting but disappears when connected to the drone so I'm not sure either
It bothers me, but I have not flown my I1 yet, so maybe when it's on it will go away! Still why???????
Daniel I did some checking about the blue ring. And was told that it is caused by your location is being fed from a wifi signal so the ring is an estimated location and it goes away when you connect to the drone because it switches to a gps signal witch is more accurate.
That's how positioning (in)accuracy has been displayed in most smart device mapping apps for a few years now. The circle is basically the zone within which it thinks you may be.

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