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Questions for current Inspire1 pilots before I purchase


May 9, 2015
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I'll keep it quick. Looking to purchase Inspire 1, here are my questions:

1) What would you estimate to be the release time frame for the Inspire 2? I'm assuming the Handle is the priority right now, so that promotion and the relative newness of the i1 makes me hope the i2 won't hit shelves for another 18-24months, minimum. What do you think?

2) Why is FPV not already in the i1? That seems like a priority to me. Especially with the dual pilot set-up. Have you seen
? It seems like a decent first step, but I'm imagine the pilot would have a VR headset. For fun. So take the previous video and add
. Any one on these forums interested in i1 FPV VR piloting?


Probably 'shopped, but what interests me is a new camera. I1 shares the same camera as the P3 but can be upgraded. How long until we get a camera upgrade?

4) Is it really worth the money? I think so, but this will have to be one of those 'buy it then tell wife' things. It's cool, she does it to me with ridiculously expensive shoes. Plus, she can do join with the second controller!
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My guess is that there will not be an I2 anytime soon. I think the point of the I1 was to be modular so they can come out with new cameras and accessories. They haven't tapped into ALL of the money they can make off of us yet so I imagine we will get some upgrades before that happens. Wouldn't even be surprised if DJI themselves came up with a nose cone cam. They made the nose come off pretty easy.... almost looks swapable.;)
Hi sky!!
Welcome to the forum!!
I would guess around a year from now we might see an inspire 2..
But again this is a guess..
The fpv kit you posted would void your warranty so you might look for a external setup..
I think the inspire doesn't come with a fpv camera is because the inspire is loaded with expensive features stock..like lightbridge and a 4 k camera along with long distance capabilities ..to name a couple..
Not sure when we will see a new camera ,,there's been some speculation ,but nothing solid so far that I know of..
Yes I believe its worth the money!! By a country mile..
And your wife will love being your co pilot when you tell her you're going to take her somewhere cool to fly..lol..
Here's a post of some cool goggles that are coming out soon..
I say the Inspire 1 is definitely worth it's price tag and I wouldn't worry about the next Inspire. As soon as you get your hands on this sexy lady you'll know why we love her so much. Until then, there's not a lot we can say to you that'll make you feel what we feel when we're flying this magnificent flying machine.
Plus! As Turbo has stated above, the headplay is going to be the f00kin **** for fpv!

As I always say ~

It's a f00kin no brainer!

We're all hear to help and share our knowledge of the Inspire 1 with you!
Where else are ya gonna get that!
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Cons of P3 IMO:
non-modular camera/gimbal
overall design is too under-powered for my desired uses
no stock dual pilot set-up (means my wife can say no easier)

also wife doesn't know the price of either. lets just keep it that way.
I also have an Inspire for my primary and a P3 for a backup. I do plan to have another Inspire soon and add a 3DR solo for training. They all have positives and negatives and for a commercial operator you need a backup option.

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