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Jan 5, 2015
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Milwaukee WI
My inspire is finally on its way to my house is it ok to buy my I pad or shld I go with a tablet I have read that the app is down mabey I misunderstood what I read Cld someone plz clarify for me and point me in the right direction
Thank you
Ipad / IOS is not officially supported but you can load the app using a unofficial method. This works. The issue might be in the future when DJI update the app - if they do not release the update on IOS you will be stuck with the current version. DJI say they will get this issue dealt shortly... I is a risk as I am sure you want to have the latest version of the App running.

Android - the app is easily downloadable and is current. So if you are looking to buy a tablet right now may be better to stick to Android. Historically DJI Apps have had more functionality on the IOS platform vs Android platform (on the Inspire the IOS app has a simulator) so it worth considering this.

Android tablets are ten to the dozen so you have a bigger choice but make your choice carefully to avoid choppy video
im also on the verge of switching to android tablet?
But which is the best value for money wilst still gettin good performance and screen brightness?
Wait until DJI get their app official. At this point we still don't know if iOS support will ever return.
I have an iPad Air that I bought specifically for the Inspre, and I hope that the iOS app comes back... But I'm not holding my breath. This is completely up to the whim of Apple Inc. at the moment, and they have been known to refuse apps for all kinds of reasons.

That said, if I was going to get an Android tablet, I would go for one that works well for games. That way you can be sure it will have a) Lots of RAM, b) good horsepower, and most importantly, c) a good Video processor.

The NVidia Shield looks good in that regard. It's only downside is short battery life, but even if it's 3 hours, it should still outlast the Inspire/remote.

I'd stay away from the "cheap-o" androids, unless you want choppy video.
I just watched a benchmark for tablet Ipad Air 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S Tab and Ipad air 2 is 40% faster than the Galaxy Tab S.

so for now I think the air Ipad 2 is an excellent choice for Inspire. Speed is very important for processing live information.
Not Authoritative by any means, but it appears that the Galaxy S Tab ain't so hot. It's way down the list. Notice the Sheild is nearer the top. Geekbench should give you an idea, since it also tests graphics capability along with CPU. Even though the S Tab has 8 cores, I don't think that's really necessary if it's purpose is a single app (DJI Pilot). Better to have fast graphics, and fast processor.


I've never been a fan of Samsung stuff anyway. I prefer Nexus devices (except when they're Samsung, lol), and non-Samsung tablets like Asus.
I am flying with the Ipad Mini 3 and love it. I am holding out for the app to become official.
I use both the iPad Air2 and my son's old Nexus 7...Both work fine...I prefer the larger screen on the Air. I'm going to use the Nexus 7 for the second controller...once it arrives.

If I were you I would look into the Nexus 10. I've seen them for sale on craigslist., if you live in the States...Just double check the dimension to make sure it fits inside the holder...the iPad air just fits...
Not that this helps if there is no more app support, but I have the Air 2 and it is super thin and lightweight. That's great for mounting on the remote. It has a polarized screen that manages the reflection well outdoors as well. At full brightness I have no problems seeing it outdoors.
For some reason, I am not able to get reliable video feed on any iOS device (iPad Mini 2 was to be my specific device, but tried iPhone, and old iPad as well). There is always a 5-10 second delay and the image is usually scrambled. As a last resort, I grabbed an Android Tab (Galaxy S) and to my surprise, video feed is perfect! I've heard others having no problems with iPad though, so I'm stumped...
I have an iPad Mini 2 but when they pulled the app I thought I would try out a Samsung Galaxy Tab s 8.4 so far I'm very happy with it I noticed in Best Buy's weekly ad today they have it on sale regularly $399 mark down to $349

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