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Second controller and blind pilot

Sep 15, 2014
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Hi all! Just another day absolutely loving my inspire 1. My wife and I are enjoying seeing where we live from an entirely new perspective.

Anyway, here is my question: I'm considering getting a second controller. I'm using my experience from my dji phantom 2 vision plus to frame shots and capture video. I can see the advantage of having a dedicated video controller to really up my game. BUT wouldn't it make flying the Inspire more challenging/confusing? Sure, I would be flying line of sight, but I can imagine the image from the tablet could be quite disorienting. Anyone have any opinion / real life experience?

It would be awesome to mount a mini camera in a FPV orientation for the pilot. No?

Happy flying!



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The pilot should be flying LOS and only care about placing the craft where needed, with the correct trajectory and speed for the shot. Yep it's hard to look at the image and know what you're doing if the gimbal is in Free mode, but you can for example see if the distance to the object is OK or not and use that to do small corrections.
With a good deal of training and if you and your camera op know each other well so each one knows what the other will do you can make use of the radar info and go a bit further.
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Yep.. when using dual setup, I open the map view. Really only looking at the video window for speed and distance of the object. The camera op and myself are in constant communications. I'm constantly giving him updates on what I'm about to do.
Map view seems like the appropriate screen. Still, a teeny FPV camera mounted in the nose would be useful for this configuration.

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