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Video hosting platforms

Jan 18, 2014
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Christchurch, New Zealand
Most of us love to make videos and take photos with our Inspires (and Phantoms). I just wanted to know what your motivation was, and if you upload your videos to YouTube, Vimeo or SkyPixel.

For me personally, I enjoy making videos for other people to see. I live in a beautiful country and take my UAVs with me when ever I go on a road trip. I have my Phantom kit always in the back of my truck 'just in case' but for the most part I film, edit and then upload to You Tube. I only have 168 subscribers and about 50,000 views but I do enjoy making something that gets a few thousand views and gathers more viewers. Most of my family and friends understand my enthusiasm and always say nice things about my videos but the real test is putting them out there as troll food and seeing what happens.

For many years I have been a viewer on Liveleak.com, it is often much grittier than other news websites and usually has unedited or non-pixelated clips that are also shown on mainstream news. I have started uploading some clips to my channel there (DJI Phantom Channel) and usually get 20 or 30 times the number of views that I do on YT.

Id be very interested to know what motivates my fellow Inspire pilots and also if you post your videos publicly or just keep them private or what ever. I'm only talking about the videos you make with your UAVs, the bedroom ones can be discussed elsewhere thanks!
I mainly use Youtube for all kinds of video, and Vimeo for more 'professional' videos. Probably more Skypixel in the future when i get some good shots with the Inspire.
Vimeo. Generally better codecs and quality, ad-free, and I can enable a download link for folks to download the original 4K file I uploaded directly, so they can watch streaming-artifact-free.
Youtube, and I might sometimes upload to vimeo too. Vimeo was superior for encoding quality a few years ago but that has since changed, and Youtube has way more available resolutions.
Oh, and I don't want to pay for a Plus subscription (that is actually quite expensive) on vimeo to upload 1-2 videos a year.
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