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  1. M

    Used Inspire 2 - What to check before flying

    Hello, I've bought an Inspire 2 with X5s and should arrive on the weekend/ beginning of next week, I had 2 phantoms and currently have a mavic mini, this is my first experience with the inspire, I'll like to know from you that have a lot of expertise about these drones what should I check...
  2. S

    Where can I find I1 batteries???

    Hi guys. Does anyone know where I can find some Inspire 1 batteries. Im in Australia, I've tried searching the web for I1 batteries and they are all out of stock on all online stores. I know that the I1 is no longer in production of DJI, but the fact that I can't even buy a battery for the...
  3. CKarosis

    NEED HELP! 7th time sent in to DJI to be fixed and almost a year without a functioning Inspire 2...

    For context, here's the forum post that this is all about: Caught in a Nightmare Loop I've uploaded an image of the digital artifact I'm experiencing here. Long story short, DJI has shown extreme negligence to fix my drone which has resulted in thousands of dollars in lost revenue and who...
  4. H

    Shooting through Glass with a drone

    We recently filmed a distillery during the day at around 12 pm. I had read up about eliminating reflections off the glass and come to the conclusion that using a circular polarizer would be the best option (Generally because many other options are simply not achievable with a drone). While on...
  5. Presman

    Inspire 1 rebuild

    Hey guys. So I have an I1 v2 that's been crashed. So far my list of repairs are (1) prop,(1) vps,(2) landing gears (because I already have one and three are broken),(1) absorbing board(or can it be fixed???those little metal pieces connect to the drone), and then there is the camera. I have the...
  6. Presman

    Video transmission problems... Help!!!

    My I1 is having video transmission isues... It's like cutting out
  7. Droning Community

    Have Not Found Specific Inspire 2 Part I Need. Seeking Wisdom From Smarter Person Than Me.

    Hello all, my Inspire...lets just say...had a heavy landing. The hinge attaching the small axillary arm to the main arm snapped. It's something that an impatient child could fix with a screwdriver. I've only been able to find this (likely) $5 piece to be sold while attached to the $150 arm. It...
  8. D

    Inspire 1 VS Phantom 4/ 4 Pro

    Hello everyone. I am looking to buy my first drone. I do have experience flying drones a little bit and I am stuck on what I should buy. I have narrowed it down to the Inspire 1 vs the Phantom 4 Vs Phantom 4 Pro. Im getting more and more into film, making videos and the cinemagraphic shots...
  9. U

    Video not working on gimbals. Inspire 2 HELP!!!

    I have inspire 2 with both the X7 and X5s. It was working great but then I updated the firmware to the latest and now when I try to switch to video mode the image cuts to black and white and it freezes up. The drone can fly fine and the gimbal is able to move but the image is frozen and I don’t...
  10. HorizonsAerial

    Camera/Video Feed Shake

    Hello, I have noticed recently that the video feed and believe to be the camera shakes which also shows in video recording which first got my attention. I had to replace the front shock absorber balls, and the first two flights with them had no shake but after that the shaking start. I know it...
  11. Flyboymedia

    Accuracy of height on inspire 2

    Hello all, I have recently been approached by a construction company to fly up to an exact elevation and take a few photos in a 360. I was wondering if any one has had experience with this kind of work and could give me some tips on how to increase the accuracy of the elevation.
  12. SkyHigh 1

    Real Estate Video Set Up

    I am planning on doing a real estate shoot for a buddy of mine that works in remodeling so that he can add it to his portfolio. I am not really into photo or video so I am somewhat clueless as to what will work best. I will be flying my Inspire 2 with X5S, I have an Olympus 45mm, that I use...
  13. droneondemand

    HELP with error message

    So the last 2 weeks Ive been seeing this error message on my screen upon takeoff. Now, Im logged in with DJIGO4. (I even tried logging out and back in to see if it was a cache issue). But the message is still there. The strange part is....flight IS NOT affected by it. Anyone seeing/getting this...
  14. FightersWeekly

    USA Does this video from my Inspire 1 have too much jello in it to use commercially?

    Hey all, I bought my inspire one second hand, and the owner took really good care of it. However, I did notice the one problem was that the camera produced a little jello when i flew it. Not much, only noticeable on a High Res monitor, but having two phantoms I had bought before, I have...
  15. W

    Trade In Inspire 1 V2 For Phantom 4 Pro

    Hello, I am currently looking to trade my inspire 1 v2 for a phantom 4 pro. My inspire 1 v2 is in like new condition. Please get back to me if you have any questions.
  16. J

    Newbie from Switzerland needs help

    Hey, I'm form Switzerland and I recently received a DJI inspire 1 pro as a gift. I have been struggling to set it up for many hours now, despite watching multiple tutorial videos and reading the manual. My problem is that I cannot link the controller to the drone itself. When I connect the...
  17. FranMan

    PLEASE HELP!!! Inspire 1 X5 horrible vibrations (URGENT!!!)

    I have recently been having some issues with my X5 Camera on my Inspire 1. It has this horrible vibration that won't go away no matter what I do unless I firmly hold camera, then the vibration goes away. The weird thing is, that the issue does not occur on the Osmo whatsoever... I've tried using...
  18. Rothphoto

    Licenses not working

    Resolved :)
  19. P

    Dead battery fix! looking for ideas!

    I've soldered lipo's plenty of times before and I'm well aware as to their chemistry and how aggressive and dangerous they are(made an electric skateboard and multicell batteries from scratch). I have an idea that I'm sure someone must have tried.. Who has ripped open a dead tb47 or 48, then...
  20. P

    Calling Florida Inspire Pilots

    I recently just bought and inspire one for $450 the only thing wrong with it is a frozen worm gear/center unit supposedly. I'm looking to meet up with someone when I receive the unit as it doesn't come with any accessories to test it and see if there are any other problems. Let me know if anyone...