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  1. nandoarr

    X7 digital lines - Problem

    Hello Inspire Pilots! How you all doing? See, i had this problem yesterday, haven't seen any thread here for this issue...someone have face this before? (the video is not mine, is just a reference of what happened) Thanks for the attention.
  2. O

    Patch antenna - still not working?

    Hi there, I know that there is a thread in which we got into detail about the sense/nonsense of using the patch antenna that comes with your cendence RC. But this thread got stuck somewhere in the beginning of 2018. That's why I wanted to see if any new development came up in the case of that...
  3. A

    Help! Inspire 1 stuck at v1.2

    This is a video showing my problem, description below Hello fellow Inspire 1 junkies!! I’ve been reading posts on this forum for about a week now trying to correct an issue on my I1, but I’ve finally reached the point where I need to humbly ask for help. My original problem was no image...
  4. M

    Inspire 1 V2 Multi-charger failure

    We got the multi-charger 6 months ago and it worked fine, but in the last couple of months it only charges 1 battery then stops. We have 3 TB47s and one TB48. It doesn't seem to matter which combination of batteries are attached, nor how many (at least two!). It charges one, then stops. We have...
  5. Roconnor

    Motor overloaded warning?

    had an error today about a prop motor overloading. Anyone have this issue? What could be cause?
  6. J


    Hoping someone can help me out. Im using an inspire 2 with the standard controller and Ipad as the master and a cendence controller with Crystalsky for the slave. The issue I'm having is that the preset camera buttons/rotary knob and the focus knob don't do anything at all. It was all working...
  7. RYU

    X5S and 7.5mm Big Problem

    Hi everyone. My name is RYU and I'm e-mailing from JAPAN. I'm using Inspire2 and X5S. I bought LAOWA 7.5mm. My X5S has licence which ProRes and RAW. The problem is I cannot shoot RAW when using X5S with 7.5mm. SSD is formatted safely, and using the latest firmware. Other lenses(DJI recommend)...
  8. 3

    Inspire 1 max distance and max altitude acting weird

    Our Inspire 1 has been acting weird lately. The first time was about a week ago, we did our usual preflight check everything was fine, we started the inspire and checked that everything was a go and everything read fine. However when we took off we were only able to climb about 80ft high before...
  9. S

    DJI Inspire 2 gimball problem

    Hello guys today I finally got my inspire 2 drone, with a x4s gimbal but my problem is that on my DJI Go 4 app the gimbal camera is really glitchy it is not working properly. Anyone that can help me with my problem? Thanks
  10. A

    iPad mini no longer connects via usb to RC

    After a successful dual controller flight, my iPad mini stopped talking to the inspire controller. Iphones all work fine with RC's. Ipad Mini still works fine through wifi with the osmo, but when I connect it via usb to RC it will not connect. I re-installed app. I tested usb cables and port...
  11. D

    DJI Inspire 1 x3 Camera Issue

    Hi all, I recently got back from a trip to North Conway and took some beautiful photos and video only to find out that my RAW images were all shot at 960x540 resolution? Ive never had this issue and shoot manually to create full size 4000x2000 images. Any help is appreciated
  12. K

    Inspire 1 + X5 Harmonic Oscillation Problem (Not from T-Joints) [Must read]

    Hi I've been lurking here for some time now. Got my Inspire 1 pro for aerial photo- and videowork in 10/2016. First problem was after total of 2hrs of flight I noticed one motor was making a clicking sound when rotating. While running without props on a table it vibrated audibly and the table...
  13. R

    x5 No Live Video Feed

    Have been having this problem in which the DJI GO app will not display the live feed from the camera, however the camera can still capture as usual. The camera can also be controlled with the app suggesting that it is in fact connected to the device, just wont display what it sees. This problem...
  14. S

    Brand New Inspire 1 Pro first flight issues

    Just upgraded to the Inspire 1 Pro. Put all firmware updates on the inspire, controller, app, and did IMU and compass calibrations. First flight was at dusk/sunset 2 days ago. It went up no problem. But once about 60ft up, I tried to bring her down and about had a heart attack because it was...
  15. J

    Inspire 1 drifting issue and battery problem

    I have a couple of problems with my inspire 1. I have done a compass calibration and an IMU calibration, as well as an RC calibration. I noticed that when flying forward with the inspire it doesn't make a straight line. It seems to drift one way or another. Is this normal? Why would it do...
  16. RuneWold

    Inspire Pro x5r firmware problem

    Hi I was to update my Inspire Raw tonight and did all as before and was to update the Inspire first. After some time it terminated. I downloaded again but it want update it seems like... Just before I gave up I checked the .txt file and it said "installing" but there was no sound as it...
  17. C

    Camera Problem

    When flying yesterday and again today, half way through the flight the camera stopped responding. The button appeared greyed out and the camera data on the screen alternated between being there and saying N/A. I provide a link to a video that shows what was happening on the screen. Any advice on...
  18. Highranger

    I am so disappointed with what DJI has done to the Inspire 1

    I am so disappointed in the slight of hand DJI recently have performed with the Inspire 1. After 70 flights, my Log images were so magically transformed from a dull low contrast log file as I applied my 3rd party LUT to them releasing enhanced grading ability. During the FW upgrade from 1.3 to...
  19. S

    Only 3 Battery LEDs lighting up.

    Hi All, Just returned from a flight and recharging the batteries, one of them when I press the red button, no LEDs light up, this registered as an anomaly, but I plugged it in the charger and it started charging from the 2nd LED up... LED 1 was not lighting up?! Had a quick chat with DJI and...
  20. F

    iOS 9 jailbreak. Apps installed crash. Help!

    So shortly after jailbreaking my iPhone 6 Plus on iOS 9.0.2 I started noticing that almost any app installed from the AppStore seems to crash on launch. This is games too but sometimes the apps work no problem. The apps that do not work, I found out they will work without a problem if device is...