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Gimbal shake - more than we originally saw?

Aug 20, 2014
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Many people have noticed that the gimbal is shaking quite significantly when the H frame is raised or lowered.
But is it the only shake plaguing the inspire?

I went and rechecked their introduction video:
@ 0:52 in, the frame is raised, and while DJI cleverly shot (or edited) the scene to have the sun wash the camera, the shake can still be noticed, this one, we all saw.

@ 1:35 in, the camera is tilted up, and interestingly- it also causes the gimbal to shake right to left. Maybe even a tad of back and forth. Looks like the inspire camera tilt is causing camera shake.

I decided to search all the videos for shots made with full tilt - and couldn't find even one! There are plenty shots of the 360 degree rotation, which is stable throughout the pan. So within the 3 videos, there are only 2 seconds of 15 or so degrees tilt @ around 1:38, and it does not look promising.

Is DJI hiding another problem ?
Can they fix it before the inspire hits the shelves?

The video:
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I can see it shaking in every video online during transformation. This is one expensive martini maker. So much for filming launch shots unless addressed before shipping.
I noticed the shake during the intro video on numerous occasions. I may have also saw it in the Octofilms video as well. We will have to see ifvthe camera goes blank during the video shake or if the shake can be seen in the video itself.
You guys missed the point- there is also a gimbal shake caused just by tilting the camera up or down, UNRELATED to the shake seen during transformation!
It must be a major issue. My guess is the ergonomics of the gimbals itself is the real problem. I have a feeling this gimbal setup will be the weak point of this quad. It already sucks for those that buy the inspire1 who might live in a climate where cold weather is a factor will not be able to fully enjoy their investment year round. It's said that the camera/gimbal is recommended to be operated above 40 degrees. That alone is a big red flag and most likely what will be the reason why I cancel my pre-order. And now the shaking issue which obviously did not just start happening on the 12th. Not to mention the black screen video dropouts that took place. They sure did not plan ahead for that launch event.
If it only shakes during transformation, I don't think that's too much of a problem IMHO, I wouldn't for one be shooting during transformation.

Cheers Mark
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If you check the forum on DJI's site, they basically state all available video's were based upon beta i1's. This includes all DHI official videos, Octofilm's unit and all units displayed at the CA Reveal. They state that production units are fixed, acknowledge that some shake occurs during transformation, but otherwise, that the gimbal is very stable and that users will find it to be a 'non-issue."

We will see.
Arent all these videos based on pre-release Inspires?? Then the 'problems' should be ironed out on release? :confused:

I'll believe it when I see someone from this forum test the unit and confirm. As of now the only confirmed thing is the visible shake when tilting the camera up or down as can be seen on the video above.

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The shake is likely just oscillation due to the shift in COG. While the IMU is balancing the top heavy configuration the booms raise up and the GOG drops. I think it'll be either FW fixed or dialed out in gains. I'm not too worried about it.
I don't know in what context this video was originally provided however this one shows that the gimbal is actually compensating very nicely. Just focus on the people and you will see that the image is very solid, with minimal right to left shakes on the extreme movements of the inspire. They obviously filmed with the H arms deployed down so you can get a frame of reference to see what is actually happening to the bird.

This concerns me less. I still want to see some videos of tilting the camera up and down. Maybe they are still working on this, hence we are not privy to any such footage...

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b.t.w.,Romeo is a pro and teaches workshops etc. he is impressed..that is good enough for me! he and mark have a fleet including S1000 and on down..lucky sucka..sigh.
Sorry, but I am not impressed by marketing material.
I may be hyped, but I want the facts.

As to this date, there have been plenty of videos shot from the inspire however none that has footage during camera tilt. There must be a reason why they are hiding this.

From my perspective, shake during frame configuration change may be acceptable, but shake during camera tilt is absolutely not acceptable.

Can one of the lucky people that got it early for marketing/evaluation do some testing with this unit?

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I see the shaking, but I'm not worried. First, these are preproduction units and DJI specifically said they had vibration isolation balls that are too soft on them, so the shipping ones will be stiffer. Also, as with every slung gimbal on the market, vibration and jello reduction will be an exercise with balancing and adjustment. It's a flying platform, it has vibrations. Phantoms/H3-3Ds can have jello and more importantly, can be tuned to eliminate them, same with flamewheels, S900s, and S1000s.
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