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Gps vs Atti Mode Question

Jun 5, 2014
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I have got a question about the flight characteristics between the gps mode and att mode. When I am moving forward in the gps mode and then stop the inspire 1 it tips backwards drastically to stop the forward movement and if I am banking left or right while flying forward and then stop it does some crazy movements to to stop quickly. My phantom 2 when flying in the gps mode does not have the drastic stops the inspire 1 has. When flying in the atti mode everything is smooth, of course theres drift because theres no gps. Its just that my phantom 2 flys so smooth in gps mode. Could this be the gains that is causing this.
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It's the overall flight response as programmed. ATTI gain will affect it a little, but it's still programmed to follow your stick orders to the letter as fast as it can.
Ya they have it set to stop pretty suddenly but then again if you are just letting go of the sticks that should be what you are looking for. If your going 40mph at a tree, easiest thing for a novice to do is let go of the sticks and that stops the craft quickly. To slow the effect use your inputs. I rarely use GPS modes while trying to shoot video unless I am looking for a hold or I am in extremely windy conditions.
It's possible to turn the gains down in increments of 10% to smooth out the sudden overcompensation the Inspire has. It's a substantially heavier craft than the P2 so it needs to react more severely to retard the forward motion. Prior to the last firmware upgrade I had turned down the gains slightly which helped reduce the tipping effects. After the upgrade the gains reverted back to factory settings, I have not flown it much since the upgrade but I'll tune it down again soon.

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