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Sam's Club gears up to sell a dozen types of drones

As people discover how much fun it is to fly a drone the amount of people flying them is going to multiply like rabbits..
Its unfortunate that there's many anti drone people out in the world that just hate them because their ignorant or just don't want them flying over their property. .
I'm actually surprised how many no fly zones we have already. .like San Diego. .and most of the cost line in southern California. .
It's always the greedy who mess up a good thing..imo..
It will be interesting to see how things evolve in the next few years..
This can go sideways really fast but it will aldo place more open competition.
News flash. ...Dji has crushed their competition ...
Most will fall by the waist side and the others will just be playing catch up like 3dr..
Hopefully dji will make their products more interchangeable for its customers. .
like the camera ,rc and hopefully the battery for the m100...
RIP...3dr ,walkera, turbo ace, and any other players. .or just be happy with the market share you get and that you're still in business. ..
Can you be more specific? Where can I get more info about those Calif. 'no fly zones'?

I'll try and answer this. There was some post on another forum about folks in SD that updated their firmware that eventually increased or added more NFZ around his immediate area which didn't exist before the upgrade. The poster stated that since this has happened he was not alone and has to travel 20 minutes outside San Diego just to fly for 20-30 minutes.
Isn't it just great that a foreign company can dictate where you can fly,how high you can fly and it's just a matter of time how far away from yourself you can fly!
Even with permission from all domestic authorities a foreign company keeps you grounded!
I'm calling BS!
I totally understand the reasoning but for there to be no exceptions is total BS in my book.
Sorry but these restraints really rub me the wrong way!
Thanks fellows for the info and links. Very helpful.

I looked at a specific area, my area from the link that damon posted from DJI. It makes no sense. The video mentions Class B as having 0.6 mile (3,168 feet) radius no fly zone which includes the airport in my location. Which, by the way, is included in the class B category just because they attached the word "international" to the airport name to "maybe" get more international commercial business, which they never got, but that's a different story. I zoomed it in. The 0.6 mile radius is measured from where the control tower is. The runway is 8,800 feet long. As a result, the 0.6 mile radius ends in the middle of the runway. So, the map is very deceiving, not to be trusted. I would never do either, but could, theoretically, then fly the quad at one end of the runway, but not the other.

In looking further at the no fly areas, only the coastline near the San Diego and Los Angeles airports are included. The balance of the California coast, all the way to the Oregon border, is open, even in the San Francisco area..

The link that turbo provided, shows a 5 mile radius from the airport control tower and the narrative with the link states these no fly zones are "not recommended". I zoomed in on my area which is a valley. A 5 mile radius puts the outer edge beyond a range of mountains to the east and into the mountains to the west. Nobody flys out there...well can't say nobody...as a pilot I might, but at 4,000+ feet to keep clear of the mountains. The airport elevation is 1,330 feet. A 5,000 foot radius from the airport eliminates just about the whole valley. Glad it's only a "not recommended" distance. An analogy: sort of like saying you have to keep 7 car lengths away from any other car at all times on the interstate...even if they are in the adjacent lane.

But given this information, and if Sam's Club (Walmart) does begin selling sUAV's, there is going to be issues.
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The DJI link is what's supposed to be hard wired into your aircraft's FW.

Keep in mind there is a progressively tighter "funnel" to the no fly zone where altitude is restricted. That DJI page and your manual has details on how that works.

The Pilot app should also display the no fly zones on the page page.
Thanks for the info.

Doesn't apply to me much with the P2Gopro3+, firmware below the 3.0, and diversity video monitor. No 'no fly zones' in the earlier firmware versions. Same disclaimer as before: As a private pilot, I have common sense where not to fly and how high.

I'm a future Inspire buyer, so the reason I'm monitoring this board.

The Category B airports look to have straight up no fly out to 0.6 mile, whereas the Category A's have the funnel.

I looked into applying for the Section 333 waiver, but with one of their rules of no fly within 5 miles of an airport, I felt the waiver would be useless for me (subject of a different thread).

If Sam's Club (Walmart) does go thru with selling sUAV's, and buyers fly them like people drive, we are all in trouble.

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