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FLIR Vue thermal cam

Price info the linked page...

Best of all, with MSRPs of only $1,499 for 336 resolution cameras and $2,999 for 640 cameras, FLIR Vue is affordable for today's commercial sUAS operations.
While nice, I wonder about the resolution. Some are pretty poor and would prefer one where I can program to show color.
While nice, I wonder about the resolution. Some are pretty poor and would prefer one where I can program to show color.

While a sweet feature, I can only imagine $$$$.. the Tau640 is nearing $8k...while I'm sure these cams are watered down a bit from the tau series, it would only be benefit next to a regular camera, offering both thermal and colored images.

How would it mount on Inspire?

We need a gimbal but DJI has to be the ones to build it (well it doesn't have to, but the r&d for someone else to do it probably wouldn't be worth it) I think it could easily be done (by DJI of course)
RHP International is an Integrator and Distributor for the FLIR line of Thermal Imaging Cores including the New FLIR VUE as well as the FLIR TAU2 Thermal Cores.

Pricing for the FLIR VUE Cameras and models available is as follows:

FLIR VUE 336x256 Pixel ... 7.5Hz Slow Video $1,499 - 30Hz Fast Video $1,699
6.8 mm; 45° x 35° Fov
9 mm; 35° x 27° FoV
13 mm; 25° x 19° FoV

FLIR VUE 640x512 Pixel ... 7.5Hz Slow Video $2,999 - 30Hz Fast Video $3,199
9 mm; 69° x 56° FoV
13 mm; 45° x 37° FoV
19 mm; 32° x 26° FoV

The 336 and 640 7.5Hz Slow Video models can be exported to any country license free.

The first shipment of the FLIR VUE Cores will be at the end of June 2015

There are some limitations to the FLIR VUE compared to the FLIR TAU2 Thermal Core:
- There will be No Radiometric Data available or Digital Output. Only Composite Video out via the 10 Pin USB Connector
- No Serial Communication - Only USB
- The FLIR Logo will be in the top right of the screen all the time
- Only 4 Color Palettes are available: White Hot, Black Hot, Lava, Fusion and Arctic. The TAU2 has 13 Color Palettes.
- It will have Consumer Grade specifications as opposed to Commercial Grade: Ex: Operating temperature range on the VUE is -20°C to +50°C - The TAU2 Commercial Grade is -40°C - +80°C

RHP International will be able to adapt our RHP-TAU-RC-IF system to control this unit from your Remote Control Joystick and RC through its UBS Connection but limited to what the FLIR VUE has available:


When are these going to be released.

We should be receiving the first shipment from FLIR at the end of this month or the beginning of July the latest. We only have the FLIR VUE 640's coming in on this first shipment.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

John Palmeri
President | RHP International | New York - USA
1-888-919-2263 x0 | RHP-Edge.com | OEMCameras.com | ThermalVideo.com |
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Why are so many asking for a thermal camera - what is it used for ?
Enlighten me please
That is actually a growing area I am focusing also. there are sh*t loads of failing bridges across the US and there is a need for this. ;) shhh....

Yeah, the way they conduct inspections is not very efficient. A uav op could easily replace what's typically a 6-man team with 4-6 different vehicles, including 2 ubit trucks down to a 2 person team or at most 3 with 1 vehicle
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